The Powers of Love

How foolish, inexperienced love altered the lives of three youthful hearts

Love is one of the strongest words that every person uses. It can surpass distance, time, and even language. Because of its strength and great influence, love can either make or break a person. Three characters from my book, Simoné: Tuscany the Saga Begins, were struck by cupid’s arrows that changed their lives and their hearts.


Love can be in different forms. The Greeks described love into four different types—eros, love between lovers; phileo, love between friends; storge, love for family; and agape, unconditional love.


A father’s love for his only daughter pushed Franco to agree to arrange Simoné into marriage with his trusted friend’s son. Franco wanted nothing more but what’s best for his precious Simoné, and he showed this by following the Tuscan tradition of carefully choosing a husband for his daughter. Robertó, his dear friend’s son, is the best suitor to be Simoné’s husband. In Robertó’s hands, Franco was assured of his daughter’s happiness and contentment.


Though the marriage was arranged, Robertó married Simoné for all the right reasons. Family obligations played no part in encouraging Robertó to court and propose to Simoné but the strong affection of a man for a woman—the love between lovers. He fell for Simoné at first sight, and he wished for her to be his, forever.


However, Simoné—the beauty with lovely dark, round eyes—has been keeping a secret. At the tender age of 14, she experienced a love different from what her parents showed her. Simoné experienced the feeling of a man’s touch, a man’s words, and a man’s loving. She experienced all of them with Vincenzó, a Tuscan wine king’s son. Like Romeo and Juliet, society, family, and circumstances hinder them from being together. For three years, they kept their passionate relationship hidden.


Bound by the love she has for her family, Simoné decided to marry Robertó. For over twenty-four years of their marriage, Robertó showed Simoné all the love he could give.


Simoné, in return, loved his husband with all the passion she has. However, she could never give Robertó all of her heart; a corner occupied the darkest secret she has kept since October 10, 1905, three days before her wedding day.


Simone’ had written many times in her diary, but she did not want Roberto’ to see what she wrote in its entirety. It would tell him everything about Vincenzo’ and her. She felt as she wrote that she had betrayed her husband and her daughter—truth and honesty was very important to Roberto’.



Due to the young, inexperienced love (or infatuation) she felt for Vincenzó, complications swamped the lives of Simoné and her family.


Simoné’s story shows the different facets of love and how it influences each person’s decisions and thoughts. Love can bring trouble, but it can also bring peace; and the outcome would always depend on the choices made. We must put to mind that love is a powerful emotion; but we are much stronger than love for we are the ones who wield it, nurture it, and share it to those whom we chose.


Three lives dance on the hands of the god of love. Two men fight over the heart of a woman. One woman struggles with her secrets. Find Simoné: Tuscany the Saga Begins and uncover the secrets, love, and passion between Robertó, Simoné, and Vincenzó.

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