What Is Love?

The true meaning of love in every people’s life


Everybody has their own meaning of love. Some say it exists, and others say it doesn’t. Because it is defined by people according to their experiences, they may respond with the good and the bad or the right and the wrong.

Most young people define love as finding their one and only, especially when they meet their first love. They always think their first love will be the last person whom they’re going to be with for the rest of their lives, which may or may not also be true as what they’re feeling may only be infatuation.

For example, in Simoné’s story, she felt she really loved Vincenzό. But when Simoné reached adulthood, she realized that Robertό is the one whom she truly loves.

“Finally Vincenzό declaration of love for Simoné had become a Yesterday’s Timepiece. As she matured into adulthood, sherealized she had her passions, desires, and values that far descend as a 14 years old girl’s understanding of love. With Robertό, she had true unconditional love.”

In becoming mature, our meaning of love becomes realistic. We look for someone with whom we can build a family and plan for the future. That’s the time when we realize that we will live the rest of our lives caring for our own family.

When we get old and our white hairs are already there, our definition of love becomes absolute and becomes a symbol of pure love. That’s the time when you and your spouse realize that you need each other as companions in life ’til death.

Loving someone is the best thing that could happen to us. It makes us happy, blooming, and energetic because it becomes a source of inspiration. You will do anything to make your significant other happy because it’s your way of showing your love, much like in Simoné’s story.

Simoné protected her husband and daughter from getting hurt by keeping her diary secret. Protecting is one of Simoné’s ways of love for her family because she doesn’t want them to suffer the pain from her past.

But secrets can’t be kept forever because it will always be revealed. The more you keep it for a long time, the more damage it will cause, no matter how you filter it. It’s important to practice honesty in relationships because this keeps the bond strong, and the trust you have for each other will guide you through difficult times.

There are different meanings of love, and it’s up to you how you apply it in your life. You should also remember to understand, trust, and respect each other to achieve the love that you want, to know the true meaning of love in your life.


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