Between Life and Death: One Pint of Blood

Family secrets unfold during a life-and-death situation

life and death

There will come a point in our existence when we would make critical decisions that will affect not only our lives but also the lives of the people surrounding us. However, these decisions should be discerned properly, especially in life and death.

Life-and-death situations are critical circumstances where a person’s survival depends on an action or decision. Sometimes, life and death does not only pertain to conditions wherein a life is at stake. There are times where death does not literally mean the end of life but could also mean the end of a relationship.

Simoné, the lead of my novel, struggles with her internal conflict while her only daughter, Carmelíta, fights between life and death. Carmelíta was in an accident and in need of a blood transfusion. However, Carmelíta’s blood type is very rare, and only family members who could match her blood type could save her. Simoné’s heart and mind battle between keeping her deepest secret for twenty-four years or reveal it to save her daughter’s life. All it would take is one pint of blood. What could Simoné do in this life-or-death situation?

Everyone did their best to keep Carmelíta alive. Every member of the family was screened, but it turned out that neither the grandparents nor Simoné are compatible blood donors. Carmelíta’s life rests in the hands of Robertó and Vincenzó.

How could one person’s actions twenty-four years before touch so many lives? Directly or indirectly, all roads, far or near, lead to one small black book with a key. It had answers to the confusion and two and a half decades of hidden secrets. Simone’ felt trapped. Everyone needed the key to open the door to get in to solve the mystery. But not Simone’—she needed the key to get out. Her jailers were there. Was she ready to face the danger that lies beyond the bars she locked herself behind since she was thirteen years of age? The only two people whom she cared to protect with this Diary were her husband and her daughter. At that time, she could not help her daughter, her blood Rh factors was AB+, nor could she tell her husband the truth behind a twenty-four-year-old mystery at that moment. She would hurt Vincenzo’, her father would be involved, and she did not want that. It was a Catch-22.

While her daughter lay in bed fighting for her life, Simoné—though worried and struggling with her thoughts—remained resolute and never revealed her secret. But the test results would uncover the skeletons in her closet. In this chapter of Simoné’s life, the meaning of life and death is the revelation of her secrets. It is not a matter of Carmelíta’s life or death but Simoné’s life with her family and the death of her marriage. So, she held her diary to her chest while the doctor gave the verdict.

What would you do if faced with a life-and-death decision? Read Simoné’s story and the secrets she keeps in Simoné: Tuscany; The Saga Begins. For updates, connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. Leave a comment below if you liked this blog or if you have any suggestions.

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