Familial Love Keeps a Family Together

Unbreakable relationship: The love of family

familial love

Family is the most precious thing in this world who make each one of us complete because we know that our family will always be there to guide us, protect and help us, and give us strength to face life.

The love of the family, or in other terms called as familial love, is what we would consider our parents’ love for us and us to them. It is molded first in the home where our parents teach us how to show affection and respect one another. But a tight family bond depends on how the parents educate their children at home and how parents show their children to treat one another since they’re their role model in the family.

For example, there are some families who practice having family days every week, a day where they all gather to spend time together, which is also a way to tighten their relationship.

It’s the same from the story of Simoné; she and her husband Robertό always make time for their own family. Both showered their love to their daughter Carmelítá, who becomes a respectful and a sweet girl later on as she grows older.

Carmelítá loves her parents so much; that’s why when she finds out that her mother went to Tuscany and his father followed her mother, she knew there was something going on lately in the family. Consequently, she traveled to Tuscany to be with them.

In Simoné’s point of view, the meaning of family love is to keep her family from being destroyed because of her past mistakes. But instead, that secret trapped her and her family to a painful consequence.

The journey of life started at 14 years of age [and] would take Simoné and her family to a maze of pain, heartache, and separation because of the choices in love and decisions made while she was young and inexperienced even to the decisions made after her marriage o [sic] protect her family. She found herself an endless vortex, a downward spiral laced with fear because of the fervent love she had for her family. She felt trapped like a bird in a cage. These decisions were almost detrimental to her daughter and her husband whom she loved. Her decision had painful consequences rather than healing remedies.

The importance of love in the family keeps a relationship strong because no matter how many conflicts and misunderstanding you and your family may experience, love will prevail. It will always bring you back to where you call home.

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