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Taking responsibility for our own mistakes

taking responsibility

As a human being, we tend to do mistakes—be it in our home, work, school, relationships, and even our decisions. But we must put in mind that we should take responsibility for them.

Taking responsibility is claiming that you are liable for something and taking control in everything you’re doing. One instance is when you are unfaithful to your partner. Take responsibility because it’s your mistake, and you’re responsible in resolving that matter with your partner.

In Simoné’s story, taking the responsibility in her relationship with her husband and daughter was heavy for her for she did not tell them about her secret. But the consequences and Simoné’s fear of losing them took over her.

At this point, she decides to escape from that reality and goes to Tuscany where Robertό asks her to tell him her secret. But in Tuscany, she realizes that she should have told them the truth in the first place, and by then it was too late, and she blames herself for that.

This is my fault, mine alone, a direct result of the decisions I made not telling my husband and returning home with him ten days ago. I have let fear of losing my husband and the threats of a man put my family in danger. I have been selfish in my fear and not trusting that my husband would understand and still love me. Though it may hurt, but I think that this is much more painful than what I wrote in my diary. Both will hurt my husband, and that I cannot stand to know the pain that he has suffered and will suffer at the decisions I made. I have hurt you as well, Mother and Father, both of you trying to protect me, to help me. I wish I had never met Vincenzó Moretti.

Taking responsibility for your mistakes is the best action that you could do instead of blaming yourself for that fault. Making mistakes is normal because we are humans; we continuously learn through our experiences in life.

It doesn’t mean that when you make a mistake, you can be easily forgiven or not for it. Everything can be cleaned up and fixed; you just have to put things the way they used to be and allow time to take its course. It may take some time and effort, but time will heal all wounds.

Taking responsibility for your life is important so that you can cope up with every storm that will come and so you have everything under control. You should also know too that every decision and choice in your life might affect other people. Mistakes and consequences are part of it; you just have to conquer it, and all will be done. Just see to it that you will not make the same mistake again.

How are you taking steps to owning to your actions? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or share it with me through Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. Don’t forget to grab a copy of my book, Simoné, to know her whole story.

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