Diary: A Place for your Thoughts and Emotion

Expressing what you truly feel through writing a personal diary


In writing a personal diary, you can write anything you want to express, like how weird or how happy your day was; the words that you write on it are limitless. It’s a space where you can put all your thoughts that only you and your diary know.

A diary can be your best friend where you can share your secrets, much like Simoné and her diary. Simoné’s mother gave her the diary when she was still thirteen years old so that she can understand her mother.

Simoné shares her experiences and thoughts in the diary, especially about her daughter Carmelítá and her affair with Vincenzo before her arranged wedding to her husband-to-be Roberto.

The love of her life, Roberto, and her family didn’t know about her secret that Carmelítá’s real father is Vincenzo.

I have told my Diary all the things of my heart; things that I could not share with my Father, Mother, Roberto or Vincenzo. I pray that he never finds and read it. If it ever come to the point that I have no choice except to let him read it; I want to tell him about it first, I want him to understand the why, of what I wrote, why I have been so secretive about it.

Simoné’s secret diary was truly something she would have brought to her grave since her husband and daughter didn’t know about it. She kept it from his husband for over 24 years because she doesn’t want to see her husband and daughter in pain because of her past mistakes.

A personal diary is something that everyone can talk to. Especially for those people who are not used to socializing with people, that’s the only way to express their emotion. Maybe most of us can only express what we would like to say through writing. Some of us are fond of keeping records of our lives so that when we grow up, we can take a look back on our life’s unforgettable, tragic, and the happiest moments.

It’s great to have a personal diary because you have someone you can talk to when you’re alone, when you’re bored, or when you have a problem and have no one to talk to. It’s also a way to reduce the pain, anger, and all the negativity that you’re feeling because you let it all out through the words in your diary.

We all have different ways of expressing and sharing what we really feel, and it may be written or verbally expressed or done any way you like it. But the most important thing is that you were able to open up and be honest about what you truly feel.

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