About the Book

What great lengths will one go through for the love of family? In Carlotta Maria Shinn Russell’s Simone’, readers will find a story rich in emotions and intrigue, a combination that makes a compelling romance novel.

For twenty-four years, Simone’ kept a diary that detailed her life—in all its turbulence, devastation, and mystery. Her ordeal started when she was quite young. She was fourteen when she made a terrible decision to protect her family, with unforgivable repercussions. Navigating the maze of pain, heartache, and separation was taxing. Finding herself in an infinite maelstrom, Simone’ tried to deal with overwhelming fear and the fiercest of love, and her efforts made her feel like a caged bird.

Her choices were also detrimental to her husband and daughter, even as Simone’ continued the charade of wearing the veil of mystery. But the past has a way of spilling out of its hiding place, and sooner or later, Simone’ has to face the music. It is all there in the diary. And keeping its explosive contents will take more than sheer willpower and vow of silence. But can love save her and everyone she holds dear?