Blood Transfusion: A Lifesaver

The need for blood transfusion arises during a deadly situation

blood transfusion

Desperate times call for desperate measures, they say. In the case of Simoné, she has no choice but to submit her daughter, Carmelíta, to a blood transfusion to save her from certain death.

The need for blood transfusion arose after Carmelíta met an accident, which caused her stitches to burst open and give way to internal bleeding. Doctors recommended that Carmelíta should go through the transfusion to save her life.

However, Carmelíta getting a blood transfusion would mean that Simoné’s twenty-four-year-old secret would be exposed. Aside from the procedure’s effect on her daughter’s life, she also had to think about how she would deal with the aftermath.

This revelation of Carmelíta’s rare blood bought the last twenty-four years flooding into her mind. She did not know what to think or how to think. Her mother and father looked at each other with concern on their faces. The next few hours would be the hardest they will spend, waiting to see if Carmelíta would pull through.

But as any mother would, Simoné proceeded with the transfusion as planned, despite the risk.

Catarina added, “Simoné, if it comes down to Carmelíta needing a blood transfusion, have you thought about what you will say to your husband? She has a rare blood type. Naturally, Christian will check yours and her father’s first. Vincenzó is still waiting at the hospital. Eventually, Robertó will question his presence, if he has not done so already. What will you say to your husband?”

“I don’t know, Mother. All I know right now is, I want my daughter to live and be healthy. I will deal with anything else when it comes up.”

Most of us end up resorting to any means necessary to save our loved ones, despite the risks. In the case of Simoné, she must face the truth that comes with saving Carmelíta’s life. She can only hope for the best as her daughter is recovering from blood transfusion.

When the lives of our loved ones are at stake, feelings of helplessness and anxiety loom. Despite the worries and fears we may have, critical situations call for us to keep a clear head, as we try to think of ways to help.

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