secrets of love

Keeping Secrets of Love

Consequences await secret love affairs

Family has been a central factor to Simoné’s story. As she was growing up, she became her mother and father’s pride. Later, when she married Roberto, she made a beautiful family of her own and raised Carmela. However, aside from family, there was another major element in Simoné . . .

true love

How to Determine True Love

Searching for the meaning of true love is not easy

Finding true love is the holy grail for some people. Some say it’s very rare, hence there is the notion that finding it is the most important happening in the world. What people sometimes fail to see is, love is something you can’t qualify—there’s no absolute way to . . .


The Many Sides of Simoné and Her Personalities

Simoné’s good personalities and her many sides completed her story

An individual can have so many personalities. Sometimes, these personalities contrast each other. The many sides of Simoné is proof that people can have different kinds of personalities.

Perhaps the contrast in Simoné’s different sides can best be . . .

keeping a diary

The Significance of Keeping a Diary

The importance of keeping a diary rests on preserving memories forever

Keeping a diary, like taking pictures, is one way of preserving memories. A diary plays a vital role in Simoné’s story. In her own diary, not only did she record moments but also her deepest secrets.

Simoné started keeping a diary since she was th . . .

making decisions

The Importance of Making Decisions

Making effective decisions to avoid consequences

Do you ever recall the time when you were only fourteen? Perhaps you’d think about how good or bad you were in making decisions back then. The thing about decisions is, it can follow you no matter how long time has passed. That’s what our protagonist, Simoné, learns the . . .

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