The Bars of Blackmail

Heavy obsession leads to blackmailing


Love is accepting the fact that the one you love doesn’t feel the same way about you and letting go. There are some people who can’t accept that they have been denied because they’ve become obsessed with that person. Heavy obsession, at worst, may lead to blackmailing that person.

Blackmail and extortion can be interchanged sometimes. They may have the same concept, but they have differences.

Blackmail is a crime where one person exposes true or false statements about another that could ruin the other’s reputation, if certain demands aren’t met.

Extortion is the act where a person threatens someone to force the other to release money or property.

In Simoné’s story, she is blackmailed by Vincenzó, the man whom she thought she loves. Vincenzó tells her that if she didn’t allow him to see her and Carmelita, who he is certain is his daughter, he will expose Simoné’s secret affair with him.

This created fear and guilt in Simoné, which made her meet Vincenzó’s demands, to keep her husband Robertó and her daughter from knowing her secret and cause pain to her family.

Franco now knew why, but that was no excuse for his rudeness or his taking advantage of his daughter when she was younger and worse then threatening and blackmailing her with fear of exposing her secret over the last twenty-four years.

This kind of blackmailing is called emotional blackmail because Vincenzó is controlling and forcing Simoné to see him, even though she already has a husband. Emotional blackmail is forcing or controlling a person to do something against their will.

In emotional blackmail, there are four different perpetrators:

  • Punisher. This person will punish you if you do something they don’t want. For example, if you divorce your spouse, one of their conditions might be, you will never see your children anymore.
  • Selfpunishers. They will do something to themselves if you don’t follow their demand.
  • Sufferers. This person tends to blame you or accuse you of what happened to them.
  • Tantalizer. This one will give you a condition to help you. It’s like a give-and-take situation—he or she will do it if you also do it.

Being in love with someone is all right; it’s human nature after all that we love and love to be loved by someone. However, obsession is a different story. We must set a limit and accept the truth—whether or not it leads us to what we want. Life and love has a lot to offer, so just wait until you find someone who will also love you the same way.


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