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taking responsibility

Facing the Past Where It All Begun

Taking responsibility for our own mistakes

As a human being, we tend to do mistakes—be it in our home, work, school, relationships, and even our decisions. But we must put in mind that we should take responsibility for them.

Taking responsibility is claiming that you are liable for something and taking control in every . . .

familial love

Familial Love Keeps a Family Together

Unbreakable relationship: The love of family

Family is the most precious thing in this world who make each one of us complete because we know that our family will always be there to guide us, protect and help us, and give us strength to face life.

The love of the family, or in other terms called as familial love, is what . . .


The Bars of Blackmail

Heavy obsession leads to blackmailing

Love is accepting the fact that the one you love doesn’t feel the same way about you and letting go. There are some people who can’t accept that they have been denied because they’ve become obsessed with that person. Heavy obsession, at worst, may lead to blackmailing that person. . . .


What Is Love?

The true meaning of love in every people’s life

Everybody has their own meaning of love. Some say it exists, and others say it doesn’t. Because it is defined by people according to their experiences, they may respond with the good and the bad or the right and the wrong.

Most young people define love as finding their . . .


Diary: A Place for your Thoughts and Emotion

Expressing what you truly feel through writing a personal diary

In writing a personal diary, you can write anything you want to express, like how weird or how happy your day was; the words that you write on it are limitless. It’s a space where you can put all your thoughts that only you and your diary know.

A diary can . . .

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