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A Memorable Encounter Changes a Woman’s Life

Dark secret revealed through a rare encounter

Dark secrets are the invisible chains we created ourselves. No matter where we go, we are dragging these chains, making our days heavier. Some people manage to keep it hidden, pretend that there are no chains tied on their feet, until a rare encounter happens, an unexpected time of revelation.

A clandestine . . .

The Powers of Love

How foolish, inexperienced love altered the lives of three youthful hearts

Love is one of the strongest words that every person uses. It can surpass distance, time, and even language. Because of its strength and great influence, love can either make or break a person. Three characters from my book, Simoné: Tuscany the Saga Begins, were s . . .

blood transfusion

Blood Transfusion: A Lifesaver

The need for blood transfusion arises during a deadly situation

Desperate times call for desperate measures, they say. In the case of Simoné, she has no choice but to submit her daughter, Carmelíta, to a blood transfusion to save her from certain death.

The need for blood transfusion arose after Carmelíta met an accid . . .

life and death

Between Life and Death: One Pint of Blood

Family secrets unfold during a life-and-death situation

There will come a point in our existence when we would make critical decisions that will affect not only our lives but also the lives of the people surrounding us. However, these decisions should be discerned properly, especially in life and death.

Life-and-death si . . .


An Unexpected Visitor

A mysterious visit moves us to prepare for the unexpected

How often are we surprised to see an unexpected visitor standing on our doorstep, without even a call or an email to let us know that he or she was coming? It is even more surprising to know the reason they are visiting us, and we sometimes dread that they may have s . . .

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A teacher, lecturer, and author, Carlotta Maria Shinn Russell makes her home in the South. She has a master’s degree on business administration and a master of arts degree in communication under . . .

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