An Unexpected Visitor

A mysterious visit moves us to prepare for the unexpected


How often are we surprised to see an unexpected visitor standing on our doorstep, without even a call or an email to let us know that he or she was coming? It is even more surprising to know the reason they are visiting us, and we sometimes dread that they may have something to announce that we may not want to hear.

How do we deal with them if they are our repentant old friends, or a heavily indebted acquaintance who owes us money, or even just an annoying neighbor? Someone who we never expect—nor want—to visit. Somebody that we expect to bring tension to the steady flow of our day. We may have varying responses to the situation, but most of us would agree that this would make us uncomfortable. Maybe it would be best to just prepare for the unexpected.

However, not all unexpected visitors are deemed unwelcome. Some of them may bring us delight. Similar to the case of Franco Luigi Giovanni and Catarina Elena Giovanni, our protagonist’s parents. They received news that they have an unexpected visitor. Simone was on her way to Tuscany, disguising her fleeing from home as a surprise visit. And with regards to expectations, she has unwittingly gone on an unexpected journey.

Franco saw Simoné looking his way, could not wait to hold his beautiful daughter. She had not changed in looks. She was even more beautiful than when he saw her in 1920, the last time they visited them in America. . . . Catarina rushed out opened the car door, Simoné jumped out of the car and rushed into her mother’s open arms.

We could sure welcome them with open arms as Catarina did with her daughter. The sight of a long-lost family member or a valued friend would certainly give us pleasure when we invite them into our home. Still, we may wonder what brings them to our doorstep. Like the doubts Catarina had for her daughter’s visit; she was intuitively bothered that Simoné was troubled, and that was what brought her daughter back to Tuscany.

Unforeseen visitors always bring an air of mystery. And sometimes they could keep us on our toes. Who knows what their visit could be about? As welcome as their arrival could be, they could possibly be holding news of a sudden, unexpected death of a loved one. Now that is one sad, unanticipated visit. Nevertheless, visitors are visitors. It is still within our control to accept or reject them. And it’s still up to us to manage our reactions when they start to uncover the mystery of their visit.


When did you last experience dealing with an unexpected visit? And how did you handle it? Share your thoughts with me through Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads or leave a comment below to start a conversation. Don’t forget to follow Simoné’s whole story by grabbing a copy of my new book, Simoné: Tuscany the Saga Begins.

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